See Spot Grooming & Daycare - Fit Club

Enhance. Enrich. Enjoy!Spot

Why. Every dog. Appropriate physical and mental stimulation is an integral part of giving your canine the quality of life your Spot deserves and you require. From Puppy to Adult to Senior- the needs of your dog’s mind and body change. After all, they are a lot like us, right?
Mind. Body. Rather than leave your dog lounging at home, he can enjoy companionship at See Spot under the watchful eye of a personal trainer who will monitor his condition and progress through balanced physical and mental exercise.
Personalized. Structured. At See Spot our Fido Fit Club will help you meet those needs at each life stage.  Our services include individualized programs geared toward leading your own Spot to a balanced and fit healthy lifestyle. Yeah, we know how to do stuff like that.
Free play. Sure! Companionship is a large part of the joy dogs experience at See Spot. Research has shown that dogs left alone during the day spend 80% of their time at rest. BUT, dogs in group play ALSO rest up to 60% of time. Our group play areas offer companionship but the Fido Fit Club at See Spot will achieve true balance between companionship, exercise, and mental activity!
Tell me more. Okay, in addition to group play, your dog will have a unique activity plan designed around specific skill stations based upon his mental and physical needs. These stations include Canine Yoga, Balance and Strength Training, Treadmill Training, Hydrotherapy, Canine Stretching and Massage Therapy, and Mental Challenges.
So…I’m confused. Are you a Dog Daycare? That depends upon your definition of daycare. We are not a Dog Daycare as you know it; the only similarity is that dogs spend the day with us and get to socialize with friends. We more closely resemble a Dog Day Spa and Gym where your dog can mingle with friends, grab a relaxing massage, enjoy working a fun puzzle or game, and even grab a quick hair-do before your Spot goes home for the evening. If you are looking for something more from your dog’s daycare- (or groomer for that matter) then look no further. You have found us. And we are so happy you did.

So you provide a lot of perks- what does this kind of service and attention to my dog cost? It’s as easy as 1.2.3.

  1. Our Group Play rates are $4/hour or $20/day PLUS a current FIDO PASS. Fido Fit Club activities are available only to dogs who are utilizing a full day of play services.
  2. All See Spot Play participants must have a current FIDO PASS. The cost for a FIDO PASS is $10/month/pet in addition to the Group Play rates listed above.  

See Spot Daycare services are available to ALL qualifying See Spot customers. Fido Fit Club is an additional bonus stimulation plan which owners may choose to utilize in addition to their See Spot Daycare services!

Wow, so what should my dog wear to visit See Spot’s Fido Fit Club? Glad you asked! Just like it is important for you to dress the part for an active day- your dog also needs to be dressed for success.  Your dog’s personal trainer will require him to wear a flat buckle collar with a safety release snap (ask us if you aren’t sure!) every day that he attends See Spot Daycare and Fido Fit Club areas.

And what about germs and stuff? For the safety of our staff and other attendees, we require that dogs are up to date on all vaccinations and under the regular care of a veterinarian.

Okay, got it? Great. Just a few more details. All dogs must be people and pet friendly. Group play may be limited as necessary based upon temperament and compatibility for the safety and enjoyment of every See Spot attendee!