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Helping Dogs find new friends on a daily basis...

Dogs play off leash in play groups designed for their personality and play style. We do not separate dogs by size, but rather, by character. 

Pricing for Day Sessions: 

            $4/hour per pet                 or                   $20/day per pet                      We also offer a package of 6 visits for $100 for frequent flyers

See Spot Play is easy to use- just follow these simple guidelines:Play

  1. Dogs must be people and pet friendly. Daycare is not a place for anti-social or high anxiety pups. Speak with our trainer about how to properly socialize your canine before visiting See Spot Play.
  2. All pets must be current on vaccinations. Please speak with your vet about the protection your dog needs to socialize with unfamiliar pets.
  3. All dogs attending See Spot Play over 6 months old must be spayed and neutered.  No Exceptions. Unaltered pets change the tone and tempo of the play group.

We strive hard to maintain a balance to our pack of See Spot Play visitors. It is the responsibility of every pet owner to bring a well-balanced pet to our already balanced pack. Daycare is not a substitute for responsible socialization and structured training. See Spot Play is not for every dog and every owner, we have behavior guidelines for visiting pets and are happy to share those with our clients! All Pet must wear a quick release buckle collar during play sessions for the safety of the pet and the handlers.

If you still aren't sure that See Spot Play is a good fit for your pet, here's a good article to help you decide:

Need more? Ask about our Train and Play programs or visit our See Spot Sit page for additional information on how we can help you provide a balanced lifestyle for your furry friend.


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