See Spot Grooming & Daycare -Meet Team Spot!

It takes a village to make this many pets look and feel so good! We would like to introduce you to some of our Spot Townspeople! Spend some time and get to know them- we are sort of like a little family (yes, there's even that one crazy aunt!)

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Brittney Valle is an award-winning Pet Stylist and a Nationally Certified Groomer with the National Dog Groomers Association of America. She shares her home with her husband Noel and 4 furry "kids"- Teddy (her heart dog), Tulip (an extra ordinary fun pup), Poppy (an Italian Spinone), and Violet (small puddle of poodle). Besides competing in Groomer/Stylists contests, Brittney enjoys showing her dogs in AKC competitions. She hopes to garner a cherished spot on Groom Team USA someday and test her skills on the International Pet Grooming frontier.

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Amanda Aaron is certified with the AKC for Poodle grooming as well as Salon Safety. She is also a Nationally Certified Groomer with the National Dog Groomers Association. But that's the tip of the iceberg that we call Amanda. She is passionate about her Pet Styling and an advocate for responsible breeding practices. She and her husband Josh are both multi-generation Pet Service professionals. They are hopeful that one of their three children will follow in their footsteps. Amanda shines when she can impress clients with her hand scissored styles but also enjoys grooming cats, special needs, elderly or very young clients. As the newest of See Spot Salon Owners, she juggles her salon management, grooming, and raising a young family with ease.


Hayley Underwood is a graduate of See Spot U and a veteran Sun Spot in the Lakewood Ranch store. Hayley is enjoying perfecting her grooming skills on a variety of furry clients. She is beginning her career journey by attending trade shows, seminars, and education experiences with other groomers. Her future plans include obedience training with her dog Bella and broadening her knowledge in the grooming industry.

Ali Spain has been a groomer since 2000 and enjoys the collaboration and spirit of a fast-paced, high quality salon. She commutes daily from Indiana. Her family enjoys attending Derby car races and even her children get involved in the action. She is an active volunteer foster parent for several rescue organizations and enjoys making a difference in the lives of underprivileged pets. On a lifelong quest for a special "squishy" petmicromini pig, she has her sights set on achieving that goal in the near future.


Lisa Finch is a veteran Pet Stylist and enjoys a close relationship with her loyal and long-time clients and their pets. Many of Lisa's pet client families know her as Aunt Lisa and enjoy the special bond she develops with them. A life-long animal lover, Lisa has been a jack of many trades and hobbies. You may see her on the Demolition Derby track or tending her lovely flower garden. Lisa shares her home with several fur-babies including 2 Yorkshire Terriers. Originally from the Deep South, Lisa enjoys Kentucky living in Oldham County with a small farm and horses as well.


Lynda Hall is a graduate of See Spot Grooming Academy and enjoys being able to balance the flexibility of being a Pet Stylist with her growing family. Lynda and her husband Nick welcomed their beautiful daughter Josie into their family which already consisted of a chocolate lab named Delmar. Lynda is active in church and family activities and looks forward to raising her daughter to be a pet lover as well!


Carissa Torres is a graduate of See Spot U and an honored Veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Carissa brings discipline, work ethic, and passion to her grooming table. She is excited to continue enhancing her Pet Styling skills by attending National and Regional Grooming competitions and educational seminars. Carissa's smiling face can be found in the sunny See Spot Lakewood Ranch store!

Angela Rhiannon is a Pet Stylist and really cool chick. When she's not hanging out with her  boyfriend Will, her Doberman Danger, or her precious Pomeranians Skyla and Sedona, she can be found managing a band. She is a free-spirit who enjoys laughing, mystical stuff, and friends. As a groomer, she gets really excited over creative grooming and attends continuing education seminars to further her skills. Angela and Will live in Venice, Fl and are hoping to open their own See Spot Franchise in the future.


Amber Brown is a lifelong Louisvillian and pet lover. She loves being a Pet Stylist and is looking forward to being a first time Dog Mom. When she isn't perfecting her craft at See Spot, she enjoys an active nightlife, friends, and family time. A closet foodie, Amber also enjoys trying new cuisine and trekking around the city to find new chefs and restaurants. Amber is excited to begin testing for National Dog Groomer Association Certifications in the near future and enjoys breed styling!

Jourdan Zaczek is a career See Spot Team Member. Jourdan (or JZ as he is fondly called around Spottown), has worked in nearly every position offered at See Spot. He is a master at multi-tasking and prides himself on providing the same care to client pets that he does his Dingo Morgan. He has no free time as he is also a full-time college student and full-time See Spotter. ?He dreams of the day where he actually has time for a hobby. He may take up Falconry at some point in the future- or professional whistling. Jourdan was raised in the Louisville Kentucky area and has his sights set on opening the first Chicago area See Spot someday.

Josh Aaron is a 4th generation dog trainer as well as a Veteran of the United States Air Force. He is a life-long student of animal behavior and utilizes a natural common sense approach to his training methods. Previously, he has spent time on the Schutzhund Training Field as well as the AKC Conformation Ring. At home, he helps raise two daughters and a son with his wife Amanda. When time allows, he enjoys fishing, football, and golf. He is a self-proclaimed Cigar Aficionado. Josh and his wife Amanda are the newest See Spot Salon Owners and volunteered to carry the See Spot Banner to Florida!


Kathy Weathers is an award winning groomer and former long-time instructor at The Nash Academy. She was instrumental in the foundation of the careers of many of the nations working groomers today! Kathy enjoys Bluegrass music, her daughter and family, and a pack of terrorists (oops, terriers!). She is helping connect instruction and grooming education to the newest generation of See Spot groomers in Louisville Kentucky.


Natalya Lindsay is a graduate of See Spot U and excited to be embarking on her journey as a Pet Stylist in the Louisville See Spot stores.  She is a lifelong animal lover and together with her husband Clayton, shares her home with Alistair (collie mix extra-ordinary) and Broskie (husky husky). Natalya hones her grooming skills by attending Pet Professional seminars and is currently studying for her NDGAA Certifications.



Kelsey Lindsay is a See Spot Grooming & Daycare Veteran and a recent graduate of See Spot U. She lives with a few human roommates and a beautiful collie named Leelu. She recently earned her Canine Good Citizen degree with her pooch and looks forward to training and exhibiting her in AKC events such as Rally Obedience and Agility. They enjoy long hikes in the parks of the Bluegrass (off trail is the best!) together. Kelsey is an avid reader and amateur librarian in her free-time.



Carla Masden is proud to be a valued member of the Team Spot Grooming Team. She is a nationally acclaimed award winning groomer and quickly rising through the competitive grooming ranks as a worthy contender. Carla brings over 20 years grooming acumen, mad scissor skills, and a Mother Hen approach to her co-workers. Personally, she stays busy with her daughter Shannon- who is a college student and sorority member. You will never forget Carla once you meet her winning smile!


Caleb Bell is a Support Staff Team member at See Spot. He enjoys learning the finer details of the Grooming Assistant position as he dreams of owning his own Grooming Salon in the future. You may find him at the Reception Desk welcoming See Spot clients or tending to their pets during the preparation process- either way, he prides himself on his professionalism and hard work. Together with his long-time partner Dante, he moved to Louisville in 2015 from Evansville Indiana and is enjoying the bright lights of the big city.


Candice Wood is a valued addition to Team Spot. She hopes to transition her love of animals into business ownership in the future and open her own doggie daycare. Currently, Candice can be found floating between Grooming Assistant, Reception Desk, and Daycare rooms but uses her uber organization skills serving as Admin to the See Spot Office. When not being Spotty, Candice enjoys spending time with her husband and their Husky-dog-children, Mika and JD. 


Camily Melendez is a valued member of the See Spot Lakewood Ranch team. Mily helps customers and groomers in her position as a Grooming Assistant. She can be found bathing and fluffing, walking and playing, and often snuggling client pets while in her care. Her nurturing nature is an extension of her personal life- Mily is a loving yet demanding and caring mother of several young children. A Detroit native, she now calls Florida home and the Sun Spots her family!
Tyla Carpenter is currently attending See Spot U and works as Grooming Assistant and Receptionist in the Kentucky See Spot stores. Tyla lives in Louisville KY with her husband and sweetheart Skylar. She is a licensed Veterinary Technician and after serving pets in the medical field for 8 years, decided to apply her knowledge and skill to a career in Pet Styling.
Shelby Beard lives with her husband David and pack of boxer-type dogs in Indiana and calls the Kentucky Spot stores her home. A native of California, she traded in her surfboard for scissors and joined Team Spot in 2016. Shelby is a natural talent and has been practicing her skills since joining the team- she is studying for NDGAA Certifications and is looking forward to taking the next step in her career. 
Brittany Melton joined the See Spot Grooming Team in 2016. Brittany enjoys Pomeranians and all things fluffy. Her colorful personality makes her a customer and pet favorite. Brittany enjoys spending time with friends and family when she is not being a Spot. She can usually be found at See Spot in St Matthews but has been known to make guest appearances at the other See Spot Stores too!
Tasha Melendez is a Grooming Assistant in the See Spot Lakewood Ranch store. Tasha enjoys sunshine, family time, and laughter. When not busy cuddling furry friends at See Spot, Tasha can be found enjoying artistic endeavors such as graphic design. 
Gabbi Russo is a human hairstylist who has gone to the dogs! Gabbi joined Team Spot after attending human beauty school. She is a Grooming Assistant and hopes to attend See Spot U in the future to become a Team Spot Pet Stylist! In her personal time, Gabbi is a creative soul with a flair for the arts.
Shai Vice is a veteran dog groomer with 23 years experience- 18 of those years spent as an owner in St Petersburg, Fl. Shai returned to her roots in Louisville Kentucky and joined the See Spot Grooming Team. She enjoys parenting 2 Chihuahuas and a rescue named Boudreax. Shai is a fun-loving spirit and a welcome addition to our work family.
Jennifer Magee is the staff Pet Behaviorist and Dog Trainer at See Spot Kentucky. Jennifer is a graduate of National K-9 Learning Center of Columbus Ohio. She shares her home with 2 Standard Poodles and an English Springer Spaniel. Jennifer fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a dog trainer after spending countless hours and years in dog training venues with her own pets. 

Khris Batts

Khris is the Original Spot. A lifelong admirer of all creatures great and small, she has had the privilege of owning/training many different species including dogs, cats, horses, a raccoon, a llama, goats, a hedgehog, ferrets, and a squirrel. She is a child of nature, the moon, and her favorite language is canine.

William Berry

William is the true power behind the throne at See Spot. He quietly handles official matters such as mail, paychecks, and deliveries. His working years were spent taming animals of a different sort in the corporate jungles of North America. He now enjoys co-workers with wagging tails and wet kisses. It takes a village to operate and enjoy this many Spots and every village has a Mayor- in Spotsylvania, that would be our William.