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Sit! Stay!... Okay. Now that you are here for a minute- lets talk about behavior training...


Our pack-based behavior training provides owners with more consistent control, allows them to develop deeper human/canine bonds, and creates a well-balanced canine for your family to enjoy both in and out of your home.

Our thoughtful and time-tested approach includes training and relationship coaching to allow owners to communicate clearly with their pets.

These programs create socially acceptable canines and help diminish socially unacceptable behaviors.


Pet Relationship and Behavior Counseling (for owners and their pets) Programs:


  1. Puppy Einstein...$400 
    This program is for canines up to 5 months old. We instruct your puppy for 5 days using a gentle balance of love and discipline to enforce appropriate Canine Social Skills. Typical issues addressed are chewing, house training, jumping up, and play-biting. This program includes a private lesson when you bring your puppy home to teach you how to incorporate these lessons into your daily life. 

  2. 1 Week Spotlight...$550
    This program is for dogs over 5 months old. Using the application of Canine Pack Behavior Science we help re-direct your relationship and set appropriate boundaries in a 7 day time frame. Program includes 3 lessons afterwards to make sure you are maximizing your dog's potential. Includes a behavior tool kit of Basic Obedience skills such as With Me, Off,  Sit, and Lie Down with Stay. Problems such as leash pulling, jumping up, nuisance barking, counter surfing, and general lack of control are addressed in addition to customizable options for your dog's issue.

  3. 10 Day Spot On...$750 (NEW!)
  4. 2 Week Pro Spot...$900
    The 2 Week Pro is a perfect choice for deeply ingrained behaviors, stubborn pets (or owners), or in-depth behavior modification. Customizable to address the specific needs of your pet and family, this is a great option for busy pet parents! This program includes all above Basic Obedience tool kit as well as advanced skills such as Heel, Place, and Pack Dynamics. This program is designed to suit the training needs of most busy professionals, families, and pet owners who require a more advanced set of skills from their dog. Program includes 5 follow up coaching sessions to help owners fully enjoy their dog's new behaviors.

  5. 3 Week Tough Stuff...$1300
    Aggression and Dominance issues take a bit more attention- we address this in a comprehensive 3 week program which offers unlimited follow up counseling for 6 months to make certain that everyone can utilize the new skills.

  6. Little Spots Pre-School...$75 This is a rotating 3 week class which introduces new puppies and their owners to core basic behaviors necessary for a lifetime of canine enjoyment. Whether you are raising your 1st or 5th puppy, this class engages the puppy/owner pair to define boundaries, establish lasting bonds, set core values and behaviors, and get off on the right track!
  7. AKC Canine Good Citizen/AKC Community Canine Group Class...$90 Classes forming now! 6 week course with American Kennel Club approved Curriculum

  8. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Group Class...$90   6 week course with American Kennel Club approved Curriculum for S.T.A.R. puppies 

Each program is crafted to eliminate specific set of behavior issues. Let's schedule a private consultation- complimentary belly rub included!